Cambridge international assessment

What is Cambridge

Q.I. Roberts' Cambridge "AICE" Diploma program, which is an international program meant to prepare students for university-level academics. 

Students across the globe take AICE examinations as a part of the university admissions process, though students in the United States generally use the AICE curriculum as a way to accelerate their learning and earn college credits.

A Cambridge education shapes knowledge, understanding and skills. It gives learners the confidence they need to thrive and make a positive impact in a changing world.

As the mother of four boys who have come through Q.I., I am so thankful that we have been part of this community for so long. Yes, Q.I. is preparing our students to excel in college and beyond. More importantly Q.I. continues to build community, instill a love of learning, and provide a safe environment in which our students are truly encouraged to grow and explore

Penelope Snider,  

   mother of 4 Q.I. students

Due to the quality education he received here at QI, he was awarded the Provost Scholarship from UCF. Not only is his tuition paid for through Bright Futures but the university sends him a check every semester that pays for his off campus housing! He is getting paid to go to school! As a mom, you can’t ask for more than that!

Michele Knowles, Mother of QI alumni  

As a future alumni of this school I will always hold the school, teachers, and staff in high regard as I go on to the next chapter of my life. Go Knights!

Graduate from Class of 2021  

What an amazing school!  Q.I. cares for its families like a small community yet has big city opportunities.  It was everything we were looking for as parents.

Penelope Snider, mother of 4 Q.I. students  

Cambridge Education

The value of the Cambridge curriculum is in its depth and its variety. Students are able to explore areas of strength while still being expected to develop knowledge in a variety of subjects. The Cambridge curriculum provides excellent preparation for university due to its emphasis on writing, discursive thinking and perspective-taking.

The AICE diploma also results in stronger academic skills. For example, as a part of the mandatory capstone course, Global Perspectives and Research, students learn to present information, conduct research and collaborate with others.

Cambridge Curriculum Yields Success

The Cambridge Program in Putnam County prepares students for a successful college experience.  Teachers encourage students to become resourceful life-long learners.  Innovative project-based lessons require problem solving skills, as well as the ability to describe the thought process leading to the answer.  According to Directors of Admissions at leading Florida Universities, these traits lead to high performance in the post-secondary setting.

Study by Bill Kolb:  Former director of admissions at the University of Florida:  This study found that AICE program graduates attending the University of Florida had an average end-of-freshman year GPA of 3.46, whereas students coming from other acceleration mechanisms such as Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) had an average GPA of 3.12 and 3.10, respectively. 

Cambridge / FSU Study: Success in the US: Are Cambridge International Assessments Good Preparation for University Study?  This article outlines the success of Cambridge AICE students at Florida State University and of how they are outperforming all other acceleration mechanisms including IB and AP.  

Cambridge USA Recognition: Universities are speaking out on how prepared students that come from the AICE program are when they enter college. View the video of FSU, DUKE, University of Washington, MIT, and others as they share their opinions on the AICE program: